Send Settings
Everything you need to know about customizing your UserLoop surveys.
UserLoop automatically sends surveys to your customers based on actions that happen in your Shopify account.
There are two primary actions which can trigger a survey email being sent to a customer.

Post Purchase

These are surveys which are sent to customers after they make a purchase on your Shopify store.

Enable / Disable Post Purchase Surveys

To enable or disable automatic post purchase emails, use the toggle on the Send Settings page.
Post Purchase Survey Settings

Delay Sending

You can control how long after a customer makes a purchase a survey is sent to them. This option is controlled in the Delay Sending option on the Send Settings page.
For ecommerce stores, surveys are most effective when they are sent after the customer has received their order. We therefore recommend usually setting the delay to 7 days.
This means the customer is sent the survey 7 days after making their order.
If you are using Shopify POS or selling digital products, you may wish to set the delay to be shorter, or even to send your survey immediately.

Abandoned Cart

These are surveys sent to customers if they abandon their cart and don't complete a purchase on your store. These surveys are sent once every 24 hours to any customers who havn't completed the checkout process.
These surveys can be helpful because they allow customers to tell you why they didn't complete their order, letting you fix any potential issues and increase your conversion rates.
You can enable these surveys from the Send Settings page using the toggle.

Email Throttling

Prevent sending your customer too many email surveys if they make multiple orders within a short timeframe.
The default setting is 7 days. This means UserLoop will only ever email your customers once every 7 days, even if they make multiple purchases.
You can change this setting to a different value, or even turn it off completely by selecting 'No throttling' this will then mean a UserLoop survey is always sent to the customer, even if they make multiple orders.
Last modified 7mo ago