UserLoop comes with powerful integrations that help you get more from your account. Get notified of new rating in Slack or trigger off automations in Zapier.


UserLoop's Slack integration lets you get notified of new ratings in the Slack channel of your choice.

Connecting to Slack

To install the UserLoop Slack app to your workspace, head to the Integrations section in UserLoop and press the Sign in with Slack button. You will be taken to Slack to complete authorization and returned to UserLoop.

Slack Configuration

Setting your Slack Channel

When you return from authorizing UserLoop with Slack, you will be able to select which channel you would like new rating notifications to be sent to.

Selecting a Slack Channel

Disabling Slack

If you want to disable Slack notifications, you can toggle them off using the 'Enabled' toggle in the Slack settings.

You can uninstall the UserLoop Slack app from your Slack account settings.


Our Zapier app is currently in Beta, please contact us with any feedback about features you would like to see.

The UserLoop Zapier app allows you to trigger off automations in other apps whenever you get a new rating.

For example, you might want to create a new customer support ticket automatically in your CRM system automatically whenever a customer leaves a negative rating.