Checkout Surveys
UserLoop can automatically embed a survey in your store's order confirmation page.
An example of a mobile UserLoop checkout survey

Checkout Survey Settings

To change your checkout survey settings, head to the Checkout Surveys option in the left menu.
Checkout Survey Settings
To enable your Checkout Surveys on your Shopify store, all you need to do is turn on the 'Enabled' toggle.
UserLoop will then automatically install the survey onto your Shopify Order Confirmation page.
To view a preview of what the survey looks like on your page, press the blue preview button.
Your Shopify store must have at least one completed order in order to preview your checkout survey. Complete at least one test order in your store and you will be able to preview the survey.

Changing Survey Position (Shopify Plus Only)

If you would like to customize where the checkout survey appears on your order confirmation page, add the following div where you would like it to appear.
To do this, you will need to have a Shopify Plus store and edit your order confirmation page liquid file.
<div id="user-loop-survey"></div>

Customize Survey

There are a number of options for customizing your survey. You can choose your own questions, customize the look and feel and set your own thankyou message.
Customize your checkout survey questions
    Customize your survey question.
    Set your answer options which customers can select from.
    Enable the Other option of you want to let customers be able to type in their own answer.

Checkout Survey Styling

Checkout Survey Styling Settings
You can customize the look and feel of your survey with the following options.
    Question text color
    Submit button color
    Thank you message
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